Investment is an important skill which can make or break your financial future. You get better with experience as there is always an element of risk involved in every kind of investment. Global economies are still struggling to get back on track and it has become important to make smart investment choices to secure your finances. You don’t want to make wrong investment choices and lose your hard earned money. You can choose Gold as a great investment choice as it’s one of the best options in the present scenario. Gold prices have been increasing steadily which makes it a lucrative investment option which has the potential to get you great returns on investment. read more..

Interest Rates and Bond Prices

Confused about the complex nature of Bond Prices? The value of a bond is inversely proportional to the current standing of interest rates. The relation between the two may not quite seem palpable at first. Here’s an easy to understand guide that helps you grasp the reason why bond prices plummet downwards when interest rates go up. read more..

Facts about Manganese Ore India Ltd. (MOIL):

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Yes, from 1st April 2010, you’ll earn more money for every rupee that you deposit in your bank account. Though the interest rate of 3.5% p.a. on your bank balance remains the same, what has changed is the method of calculating the interest. Let me explain. read more..

You know that ‘Highest NAV Guarantee’ plans give you the guarantee of highest NAV but what you don’t know is that they don’t guarantee the highest returns. Confused? let me explain. read more..

SEBI has reduced the New Fund Offer(NFO) period from existing 30-45 days to 15 days. It has also allowed the use of Application Supported by Blocked Amount(ASBA) facility while applying to new fund offers. read more..

It has long been a common belief amongst the investing community that for the same life insurance cover, Mutual Fund + Term Plan combination gives a better return than an Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP). While this was true till recently, the change in charge structure and the subsequent abolition of service tax on charges in ULIP have tilted the scale in favour of ULIP. read more..

Tax Rules for Mutual Funds

Know exactly what you need to pay as tax when you invest in Mutual Funds. Click here to view updated tax rules for mutual funds as per the provisions of Finance Bill 2010. The document gives details of tax related to short term gains, long term gains, dividend income, dividend distribution, tds, etc on Mutual Funds for resident individuals, firms, HUF, NRI, etc. read more..

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You’ve worked hard to earn money. And you want investments that keep your money safe. Traditional deposits come to mind first. But with safety, wouldn’t you also like to get better returns? read more..